Organizational Coaching

The power of coaching within an organization is that it is designed to develop and enhance the ability of the organization’s people – its employees, executives and leaders – to achieve the company’s objectives with exponentially greater velocity and clarity. Our main focus is to identify and transform anything that constrains growth and development – both with respect to the organization and its individual leaders. We will tailor a program that best serves the particular needs and objectives of your organization. Generally, our organizational coaching services contain some combination of the following:

  • One-on-One Coaching

    Certain members of your organization will participate in individualized, one-on-one coaching with a certified professional coach. These sessions are designed to support the individual to work effectively and powerfully towards the objectives of the organization, as well as to lead others in achieving company initiatives. Typically, individual coaching occurs at regular intervals over the course of several months.

  • Small Group Coaching

    Small group coaching is an excellent way to strengthen teams, create camaraderie among departments, meet group objectives, and develop effective strategies and action plans within the organization. The structure of small group coaching is quite flexible, it may take the form of weekly meetings designed to address and build upon a particular topic, it may be ongoing over extended periods of time or last for just a few weeks. It may be limited to particular individuals with mandatory attendance or be available to individuals on an as-desired or drop-in basis. In addition, the small group setting can provide cost-effective access to coaching for junior or staff-level employees for whom one-on-one coaching may not be fiscally justified.

  • Our Customized Approach

    Regardless of which method or combination of methods is chosen, our customized approach can include, but is not limited to:

    • Interviews with organizational leaders to define roadblocks
    • Establishing an “ownership” mentality throughout the company & creating a shared vision/”buy-in”
    • Designing & facilitating win/win interactions
    • Overcoming organizational & individual resistance to change
    • Altering the individual’s relationship to risk & vulnerability
    • Addressing underlying issues blocking productivity (as opposed to surface, safe or spoken obstacles)
    • Building structures for success
    • Experiencing the power of alignment & support versus control
    • Developing a safe environment for powerful communication
    • Understanding the value of synergy
    • Addressing the opportunity of challenges & problems
    • Adding value versus protecting, attacking or defending
    • Addressing whole-life balance as the source of excellent performance
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