Our Clients

What Our Clients Say About Working With Us:

I began coaching with Synergy at a time when things at work were extremely busy and I believed there was no extra time for me. But, coaching through this time period was the most important thing I could have done. By working with Whittney, I didn't just survive the stressful time, I thrived through it. One of the reasons Whittney is so effective is that she listens carefully to me and asks thought provoking questions that help me see things from a different angle that is really powerful. Through working with Whittney, I have made many simple shifts in my thinking and being that have been incredibly powerful and transformational, which I have applied in all areas of my life.
-- Susan K., President and CFO of Clark Security Products
Working with Synergy Coaching Group has had an amazing impact on my life, both professional and personal. Tali helped me envision a new career path for myself that tripled my salary and makes me happy to go to work each day.
-- Karma B., CEO of Alliance Healthcare
Working with Synergy Coaching has helped me regain focus and direction in both my professional and personal life. Whittney has a keen ability to listen beneath the words and get to the heart of an issue. Living out of state requires that I work with Whittney exclusively over the phone, but the tangible results I've experienced in my business and life are evidence that her coaching and tools are sharp.
-- Daniel C., Owner of CrossFit Missoula
I have been self-employed for many years and have delved into many of the self-help books that are available. But, having Tali on the other end of the phone was the most beneficial thing I have ever experienced. I recommend her unconditionally and enthusiastically.
-- Doug T., Business Owner, Author, Sales Automation Consultant
Coaching with Synergy Coaching has gotten me to become really clear on my goals and dreams. In just a very short time she managed to help me realize that taking over my company and becoming the sole owner was an incredible opportunity for me to reach financial freedom and also the freedom to pursue my passion for art. She is really incredible!
-- Jim H., Business Owner
Working with Synergy Coaching has brought me multitudes of "aha" moments, a clearer understanding of my world and an accurate vision of who I am and of the abundance of gifts that I have to share with those around me. My coach helps me stay grounded and present so that I can navigate through my often self-imposed boundaries to find my way back to the path that I have chosen. Having Whittney as my coach has been a powerfully illuminating experience and I would strongly encourage anyone to choose to have a session with her. She will help you to expand your horizons and open your heart and mind to endless possibilities.
-- Jackie L., Financial Advisor of Waddell & Reed
My husband and I were in the midst of launching a new business while I concurrently managed a demanding full-time career. Working with Tali at Synergy Coaching Group provided me with positive guidance, relevant tools and necessary encouragement to maintain my sanity amidst the exciting chaos of my new life risks.
-- Heather W., Director and Business Owner
My work with Synergy Coaching Group has provided me with many helpful insights regarding my thought patterns and behaviors. Whittney is a truly impressive coach. She is the perfect mix of supportive, yet challenging, and also possesses the special gift of hearing the emotions behind the words. Having Whittney as a coach is a really powerful experience and one that I would highly recommend to anyone.
-- Julie G., Attorney
Working with Whittney at Synergy Coaching Group has helped me to understand myself and my motivations. The most powerful thing I've learned from my sessions with her is that I am not defined by my fears. Whittney encourages me to face those fears head on, and supports me in my struggles to tackle them. Realizing that I can transform, and actually seeing evidence of that in my own life, has been incredibly empowering. I owe that all to Whittney.
-- Ronnie M., Apple
I started working with Synergy Coaching when I felt that my career had come to a dead end. Although I had a good sense of what was not working for me, finding a way to make a change without compromising seemed impossible. Aaron helped me turn my dream into a plan and was a true partner to my tough journey. He was a dedicated and a supportive coach. His enthusiasm to help and motivate was apparent in every session and conversation. His insight brought a new light to many situations I was facing and helped me transform my thoughts and actions, and eventually make big changes in my life.
-- Orna N., Creative Director